Rolstad gård


Frank is the farmer, and Anne Kristin is halftime working as a guide around the world. Our farm is from the viking period and the houses are old, traditional made of timber and have a special atmosphere. Why live in a traditional hotell when you can live with a family on a colorful farm and experience the daily life. You can pick up your own fresh egg directly from the chickens house, take part in harvesting berries or fruit in the season, or just join the beauty and silence.

You will not have your own bathroom, but share with other guests.

Prices: One night inclusive breakfast: kr 995,-

Dinner together with the family:(we mostly serve moose or fish)kr 295,-


Our guests love the silence. A guest from Taiwan stayed in his room for 4 ours just looking around. He came down and told he never before had the experince staying so long time without seeing a single person. But you can also just experience wild animal from the same window.

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